In Time

craig armstrong In Time

In the future people stop aging at 25 and must work to buy themselves more time, but when a young man finds himself with more time than he can imagine he must run from the corrupt police force to save his life.

Craig Armstrong provides the origianl score to Andrew Niccol new film.

"When I first had meetings with the director Andrew Niccol," said Armstrong, "we both got excited about what kind of music people would be listening to in the not too distant future - within the time that Andrew's film is set. We both agreed that various music strands in the future would merge (i.e classical with eastern music, world music and electronic music)."

"It was a real pleasure working with Andrew and imagining and hopefully creating what music might sound like with all its different cultural influences in the future," said Armstrong.

Track Listings

  1. In Time Main Theme
  2. Lost Century
  3. Dawn in Dayton
  4. The Cost Of Living
  5. Mother Times Out
  6. Zones of Time
  7. Welcome to New Greenwich
  8. Waking Up in Time
  9. An Hour Ahead
  10. Ocean
  11. Abduction
  12. Whatever We Have To
  13. Mother's Dress
  14. Clock Watching
  15. Sylvia Shoots
  16. Backseat Love
  17. Giving It Away
  18. Rooftop Chase
  19. You Saved My Life
  20. Surrender
  21. To Be Immortal
  22. Leaving the Zone
  23. In Time Choral Theme
  24. There's Still Time
  25. In Time Main Theme (Orchestral)

Original Score Composed By:
Craig Armstrong