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craig armstrong the incredible hulk

Craig Armstrong has been hired to composer the original score for Marvel's The Incredible Hulk movie. The film, which is directed by Louis Leterrier, will be released on June 13 by Universal. Edward Norton is doing the part as Bruce Banner and the supporting cast includes Liv Tyler, William Hurt and Tim Roth.

The Incredible Hulk is Craig's first action film since 2001's
Kiss of the Dragon. More details to follow soon.

In an recent interview, Craig had this to say about why he took on this score. "As a kid I was a big Marvel fan and it’s a wee bit different for me because obviously I’m not very well known for my action movies, but because as a kid I was such a fan of The Incredible Hulk I decided to do it."

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Track Listings

  1. Disc 1: The Arctic
  2. Main Title
  3. Rocinha Favela
  4. A Drop of Blood
  5. The Flower
  6. Ross' Team
  7. Mr. Blue
  8. Favela Escape
  9. It Was Banner
  10. That Is The Target
  11. Bruce Goes Home
  12. Ross And Blonsky
  13. Return To Culver University
  14. The Lab
  15. Reunion
  16. The Data/The Vial
  17. They're Here
  18. Give Him Everything You've Got
  19. Bruce Can't Stay
  20. First Injection
  21. Is it safe?
  22. Hulk Theme
  23. Disc 2: Saved From The Flames
  24. Grotto
  25. Arrival At The Motel
  26. I Can't
  27. Abomination Alley
  28. Bruce Found
  29. Bruce Looks For The Data
  30. NYC Cab Ride
  31. The Mirror
  32. Sterns' Lab
  33. Bruce Darted
  34. I Want It, I Need It
  35. Blonsky Transforms
  36. Bruce Must Do It
  37. Harlem Brawl
  38. Are They Dead?
  39. Hulk Smash
  40. Hulk And Betty
  41. A Tear
  42. Who's We?
  43. The Necklace
  44. Bruce And Betty
  45. Hulk Theme (End Credits)
The Incredible Hulk
Original Score Composed By:
Craig Armstrong
Album Art Collection