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Love Actually marked Craig Armstrong's first foray into writing a score for a romantic comedy.

The UK and USA version of the soundtracks differ slightly with their track listings. The UK release features 3 of Armstrong's tracks (Glasgow Love Theme, PM's Love Theme and Portuguese Love Theme) and the US release has just 2 (Glasgow Love Theme and PM's Love Theme). The stand out track is 'Glasgow Love Theme'; it's a really beautiful piece of music which has featured on both 'Piano Works' and 'Film Works'.

Where can I buy the sheet music for Love Actually?
The website sells it. Search for “Craig Armstrong” and in the results should be ‘Love Actually’.

Where can I buy the full score CD to the film?
The track listings seen on this page refer to the promo score for the film. The CD occasionally pops up on eBay, so if you would like a copy that's the place to start. It normally sells for around £100.

Track Listings

  1. On the Beach
  2. Total Agony
  3. Press Conference
  4. Mark's Video
  5. Jamie Leaves Aurelia
  6. Natie Revealed
  7. Joanna Drives Off
  8. Restaurant
  9. Glasgow Love Theme
  10. PM's Love Theme
  11. Portuguese Love Theme
Love Actually
Original Score Composed By:
Craig Armstrong
Produced By:
Craig Armstrong and Geoff Foster
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