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Growing up in Scotland, Craig Armstrong was introduced at an early age to Ray Charles' music as his mother was a devoted fan.

His score to Ray is an atmospheric fusion of gospel, electronic, and orchestra pieces. The end result is quite a spiritual sounding piece of work which actually works well as a counterbalance to the many songs featured in the film's soundtrack.

Craig Armstrong's use of a gospel choir was incorporated to highlight the fact that one of Ray Charles' biggest dilemmas and early criticisms was using gospel music in commercial music.

The CD release of the score does include excerpts of dialogue from the film. The excerpts are brief and don’t impinge too much on the longer tracks, which is where the score really shines through.

Track highlights include Ray's Theme, Dreams of Ray I,II & III and Ray's Hymn Quintet.

Track Listings

  1. Ray's Theme
  2. Della's Theme
  3. Ray Learns to Listen
  4. Dreams of Ray
  5. Remember Your Promise
  6. Water in the Hallway
  7. Ray´s Theme/Piano
  8. George Drowns
  9. First Hit
  10. Ray and Della
  11. Ray Sings to Della
  12. Dreams of Ray II
  13. Ray Leaves Della Behind
  14. Heroin in Bed
  15. Della Kisses Her Baby
  16. Places You Don't Wanna Go
  17. Ray Leaves Mother
  18. Arrested
  19. Alone in the Dark
  20. Dreams of Ray III
  21. Marge's Death
  22. Rehab
  23. Redemption
  24. Ray's Hymn
  25. Ray's Hymn Quintet
  26. End Credits
Original Score Composed By:
Craig Armstrong
Original Score Produced By:
Craig Armstrong, Taylor Hackford & David Donaldson
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