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craig armstrong the bone collector

This score was Armstrong's first major solo film composition.

The score's main theme features quite prominently throughout, it's first heard in the opening track 'New York City' and subsequently in 'Taxi Ride' and 'Pier Pressure'. It is quintessentially Armstrong, featuring massive orchestral accompaniment, bold timpani strokes, and percussive synth grooves giving the music a slick, urban sound.

Further increasing the score's impact is the use of the Metro Voices Choir, their contribution to tracks such as 'Prelude' and 'The City Awakes', provide the score with an operatic feel in parts.

Track Listings

  1. New York City
  2. Prelude
  3. Taxi Ride
  4. Amelia's Song
  5. Race Against Time
  6. Walking The Grid
  7. Working The Evidence
  8. Seizure
  9. Rhyme And Amelia's Love Theme
  10. Mackenzie
  11. Amelia's Crisis
  12. Pier Pressure
  13. Underground
  14. Final Confrontation
  15. The City Awakes
  16. New York City (Orchestral Version)
The Bone Collector
Original Score Composed By:
Craig Armstrong
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