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Craig armstrong the clearing

Pieter Jan Brugge film The Clearing, features Craig Armstrong's most subtle score. The majority of the music is ambient electronics, with some solo piano and violin interspersed throughout.

The score's main theme is featured in 3 different versions, 2 solos - a piano and violin - and a full orchestra rendition. The closing track, 'I Have Everything I Need' is one of the highlights of the album, fleshing out the film’s main theme on the piano with light string orchestrations.

Track Listings

  1. The Clearing Main Theme (Solo Violin)
  2. Arnold Gets Dressed
  3. Arnold On His Way
  4. Wayne, Please Don't Be Late
  5. Arnold Kidnaps Wayne
  6. The Clearing Main Theme (Solo Piano)
  7. The Journey Into The Forest
  8. A Cigarette Break
  9. Do You Know Louise Miller?
  10. Have Always Had That Mustache
  11. I Love My Wife
  12. Tim Yells At Fuller
  13. Wayne's Cell Phone Rings
  14. I Love Him And She Admires Him
  15. At The Stream
  16. It's Blood
  17. Wayne Makes A Run For It
  18. She's On The Move
  19. Stop Her Please
  20. You Need A Sign Of Life
  21. Don't Forget The Trash
  22. The Interrogation
  23. Wayne's Murder
  24. I Have Everything I Need
  25. The Clearing Main Theme (Orchestral Version)
The Clearing
Original Score Composed By:
Craig Armstrong
Original Score Produced By:
Craig Armstrong & David Donaldson
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