elizabeth the golden age

craig armstrong elizabeth the golden age

'The Golden Age' tells the thrilling tale of an era - the story of one woman's crusade to control love, crush enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the western world. As Elizabeth's cousin Mary Stuart conspires with Philip of Spain to topple the throne, Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth's trusty advisor works tirelessly to protect her from the many plots and conspiracies against her. Preparing to go to war to defend her empire, Elizabeth struggles to balance royal duties with an unexpected vulnerability in her attraction to Raleigh.

Craig has worked with the composer A.R Rahman on the score for this film.

Track Listings

  1. Opening
  2. Philip (AR Rahman & Craig Armstrong)
  3. Now You Grow Dull
  4. Horseriding
  5. Immensities
  6. Bess And Raleigh Dance
  7. Mary's Beheading (AR Rahman)
  8. End Puddle/Possible Suitors
  9. War/Realisation
  10. Destiny Theme
  11. Smile Lines
  12. Bess To See Throckmorton
  13. Dr. Dee Pt.1
  14. Horseback Address
  15. Battle (AR Rahman)
  16. Love Theme
  17. Divinity Theme (AR Rahman)
  18. Storm
  19. Walsingham Deathbed
  20. Closing
Elizabeth The Golden Age
Original Score Composed By:
Craig Armstrong w/ A.R Rahman
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