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Music, like any other language representative of human experience, can communicate emotion like no other. Where words can sometimes fail you, instruments often times stir empathy and human understanding across boundaries. Music can be both brutal, harsh and angry, and it can also be pleasant, optimistic and cheery. It takes a real talent to be able to blend a range of emotions at the same instant, much as Craig Armstrong has accomplished here.

Anxiety, fear, despair, rage, and optimism come across in the same note, much the same way John Williams was able to communicate the duality of sadness and joy in such works as "Schindler's List" and "Saving Private Ryan." Amidst the darkness of the September 11 events, you can also sense the unity of the personnel on scene that day, and the dedication to rebirth. At times haunting, at times extremely bleak, yet still filled with warmth and hope for a better tomorrow, this music is a fitting tribute, done in a fittingly minimalist style. A very honorable score, filled with as much compassion and feeling as one could expect.

The main WTC theme is heard throughout the score and is represented in many forms. One of Craig's most beautiful pieces of work to date, is his choral renditon of the theme performed by Susie Stevens Logan. This track is worth the cost of the CD alone.

Track Listings

  1. World Trade Center Cello Theme
  2. World Trade Center Piano Theme
  3. New York Awakes
  4. The Drive Downtown
  5. Rise Above The Towers
  6. World Trade Center Choral Piece
  7. John & Donna Talk About Their Family
  8. Ethereal
  9. Johnís Woodshed
  10. Marine Arrives At Ground Zero
  11. Will And Allison In The Hospital
  12. Allison At The Stoplight
  13. Jimeno Sees Jesus
  14. John And Will Found/Will Ascends
  15. Johnís Apparition
  16. John Rescued/Resolution
  17. Elegy
  18. Ethereal Piano Coda
World Trade Center
Original Score Composed By:
Craig Armstrong
Produced By:
Craig Armstrong
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