craig armstrong

Craig Armstrong - Someday I'll FInd Out - Lyrics

When one is lonely the days are long;
You seem so near
But never appear.
Each night I sing you a lover's song;
Please try to hear,
My dear, my dear.

Someday I'll find you,
Moonlight behind you,
True to the dream I am dreaming.
As I draw near you
You'll smile a little smile;
For a little while
We shall stand
Hand in hand.
I'll leave you never,
Love you for ever,
All our past sorrow redeeming:
Try to make it true,
Say you love me too,
Someday I'll find you again.

Can't you remember the fun we had?
Time is so fleet,
Why shouldn't we meet?
When you're away from me days are sad;
Life's not complete,
My sweet, my sweet.

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