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Updated 23/12/05 - It's Christmas and The Quiet American

Greetings all. I just wanted to wish all the visitors to this website a 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year'. Many thanks to all the people who have gotten in touch in recent months to express their opinions on the website.

2006 should be another great year for Craig Armstrong fans. Be sure to visit often to be kept up to date with it all.

Over Christmas BBC2 will be premiering 'The Quiet American', for anybody who hasn't seen this great film, now's your chance. It’s being shown on Tuesday 27th Dec at 21:00 pm. It features one of Armstrong’s best scores.

Updated 18/12/05 - Film Works Reviewed on

Continuing the trend of positive reviews for Film Works 1995-2005, has just uploaded their review. Check it out.

Updated 15/12/05 - Craig Armstrong on the new Mogwai album

March 6th sees the release of Mogwai's new album Mr. Beast. Craig Armstrong features on Track 9 'I Chose Horses' playing keyboads.
Mogwai's Official Website

Updated 12/12/05 - Another Interview

Craig seems to have done quite a few interviews of late, every day I seem to find a new one. The latest interview is for It's a decent article as it asked some different questions to the other interviews that I've recently featured.
Check it out

Official Website Update

The official website for Craig Armstrong has had an update. They have added the information which some of you might have been e-mailed last week, that Craig's management are looking into the possibility of some touring next year. I really hope that this gets sorted. I'd love it if Craig came to play at the Birmingham Symphony Hall.
Official Website

Updated 10/12/05 - New Projects

Craig has given an interview to, in it he mentions some promising new projects.

New Baz Luhrmann Film
Craig has been asked to score the music to the new film by Baz Luhrmann (Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge). Little is known about the project, however the website Baz the Great, reports Baz is looking to make an epic romance set in the Australian Outback.

New Classical Composition
Although Craig has composed many classical compositions, none have been released. According to the interview he was looking to be recording his first classical album in December (i.e. now) and hopefully looking for an April '06 release.

Philip Noyce Film
The interview mentions that Craig is looking to work again with director Philip Noyce (The Bone Collector and The Quiet American). I've done a bit of searching on the net, which has brought up the film 'Hotstuff'. It's being made by Working Title and there is a home page set up which has production diaries, etc.
Take a Look

Updated 08/12/05 - Grammy Nomination

Congratulations to Craig, he has received a Grammy Nomination for the music he scored to the film Ray. He is nominated in the section: Best Score Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media. The awards ceremony will be held on 8 February in Los Angeles.
See the full Grammy Nomination

New Music Section

I've put together a new section on the website dedicated to music similar to Craig Armstrong and also music which, may not sound similar, but is worth listening to as well. Hope you guys like it and please contact me with any suggestions. I'll keep updating the page every week or so.
Like Craig Armstrong?

Piano Works Film

I had confirmation this week that it looks unlikely that we are going to see the Piano Works film any time soon. It was initially intended to be a bonus disc with Film Works, but that didn't happen, then it was going to be put online, now that has fallen through as well. Fingers crossed it sees the light of day soon.

Updated 06/12/05 - The Quiet Genius

This is an article from the 'Ideas Factory' section of the Channel 4 website.
The Quiet Genius

Updated 05/12/05 - New Updates

I've done a bit of debugging and cleaned up a bit of code, the main new feature is on the Love Actually page. I've been getting many e-mails regarding this score, so I hope fans of this music appreciate the new information. I'm currently working on some new sections which I hope will be up by the end of the week.
Love Actually Film Score Page

Updated 03/12/05 - New Interview

Check out this new interview with Craig Armstrong by Contact Music.
Have a look

Updated 18/11/05 - This Love Video

For your viewing pleasure I'm including a link to the video for 'This Love'.
Take a look

Updated 07/11/05 - Craig Armstrong Joins National Theatre of Scotland

Armstrong has join a panel of creative's to help attract the largest audiences for challenging parts of the theatre's programme.
Find Out More

Updated 04/11/05 - The Dolls Update

Hello all, I've updated The Dolls page with some links to reviews for the album. If anybody comes across any that I have not linked to, please feel free to contact me with the link.
The Dolls

Updated 31/10/05 - The Dolls are released

As I type this I'm listening to the first release by The Dolls. I've never heard anything quite like it. It has a very unique sound, if you like the track Martini Never Dries, then I think you will like this CD. The version of Choices on the CD sounds very different, compared to the free version off their website. Choices on the CD has a thumping bass track now running through it.

This is certainly a creative/alternative album, and probably not for folks who want to hear tracks similar to "The Balcony Scene'. Also worth a look is the AGF / Delay's Explode, there are some great tracks on there to discover.

Updated 28/10/05 - Another Film Works Mirco Site

Another Film Works mirco site has been uploaded, this time you can listen to 3 full length tracks from the CD. For your viewing pleasure you can now watch two videos from the Piano Works short film via the site as well.
New Film Works Micro Site

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Updated 25/10/05 - Film Works Page Updated

I've updated the Film Works page with the final track listings for the release.

The details have changed slightly since the album was first announced.
Film Works 1995 - 2005

Craig Armstrong Podcast
Family Records have released a Podcast to coincide with the release of Film Works. The URL is
How to listen with iTunes?
1. Open iTunes software
2. Click Advanced
3. Click Subscribe to Podcast
4. Enter the URL
5. Click the link to Podcasts on the left-hand side of iTunes
6. Then tell iTunes to GET the download.

Updated 24/10/05 - Film Works 1995 - 2005 RELEASED !!!

After what seems like a very long 3 months since I found out about the release of Film Works, the day has come and it's now released. Hope everybody has a copy on order and I'll be posting my review and updating the Film Works page, as soon as I can.
Film Works Section

New Sections to Craig Armstrong Online
For the dedicated fans I've produced a page on some of Armstrong's rare releases and unused film scores. I'll add more to this section soon. Feel free to contact me with any information you might have regarding rare releases and film scores.
Rare Tracks and Unused Film Scores

The other new section is for Craig Armstrong's music, which is now getting some peak time airing on The X-Factor TV Show
The X-Factor Music Page

Updated 22/10/05 - Another Film Works Review

Craig Armstrong is getting some fantastic reviews for his new CD. I've added another review, this time from The Times. Cheers to John, for the heads up.
Film Works Times Review

The Dolls will be released a week later than previously announced. So we'll have to wait till the 31st October.
The Dolls

Updated 21/10/05 - Updated

The official website for Craig Armstrong has had a bit of an update. There is now a Micro Site for the release of Film Works 1995-2005.
Film Works Micro Site
Official Website

Updated 18/10/05

No Bonus Piano Works DVD

Bad news and some better news. I've had it confirmed that the CD release of Film Works, will not be accompanied with a DVD of David Barnard's Piano Works documentary. Although the better news is that the film will be available to download soon. Where and when wasn't confirmed. I'll post any news as soon as I receive it.
Film Works

Craig Armstrong on The X Factor

Armstrong's music is getting some peak air time. The last few episodes have used the tracks, 'Rise', 'Ruthless Gravity, 'As If You Said Nothing' and 'Weather Storm'.
The X Factor Website

Craig Armstrong at the 19th Braunschweig International Film Festival

On November 10th Craig Armstrong will be appearing at the Braunschweig Film Festival talking about how he develops his film scores.
Find Out More

Updated 17/10/05 - Film Works Bonus DVD Uncertainty

It is looking uncertain whether the Film Works CD is going to be accompanied with the Piano Works Film DVD. I've put my feelers out and I'll post more news as soon as I receive it.
Film Works

Updated 13/10/05 - iTunes / Moulin Rouge Update

It's now possible for UK residents to purchase the Moulin Rouge (Collector's Edition) off iTunes. Tracks that might be of particular interest to Craig Armstrong fans are 'Your Song (Instrumental)' and 'Ascension/Nature Boy'. Moulin Rouge Section

Updated 09/10/05 - Site Updates

Updates on the website include a new interview with Craig Armstrong, talking about composers and scores that he admires and a 'Film Score' page for the documentary 'One Day In September'.

Updated 06/10/05 - Film Works - Release Date Changed

It's looking like we will have to wait a week longer to get our hands on Craig Armstrong's new CD 'Film Works'. Initially it was to be released on 17th Oct, however, Amazon and now have the release date as 24th Oct. So the 24th see two Armstrong releases, 'Film Works' and 'The Dolls' - Craig Armstrong Film Works

Updated 04/10/05 - More Craig Armstrong Sheet Music

I've put together a new page for Craig Armstrong Sheet Music. If anybody knows of more companies that sell Armstrong sheet music let me know and I'll link to it.

Craig Armstrong Sheet Music

Updated 01/10/05 - First Film Works 1995 - 2005 Review

Empire Magazine has given Craig Armstrong's new CD heaps of praise, see what they had to say.
Film Works Empire Review

Updated 26/09/05 - Updated Film Works Track Listings

I've updated the 'Film Works' page with a full rundown for the track listings for this new release. Only 3 WEEKS to go.
Film Works

Updated 26/09/05 - Sunday Times: Craig Armstrong Interview

Check out this new interview with Craig Armstrong, he talks about his work, the Scottish Music/Art scene, and more...
Check It Out

Updated 23/09/05 - New Craig Armstrong Single

You can hear Craig Armstrong on the new Steven Lindsay single Breakdown. Download from iTunes UK

Find out more about Armstrong's work on Exit Music at

Updated 21/09/05 - Craig Armstrong Piano Works Sheet Music

Have you ever wanted to play some of Armstrong's music? If the answer's 'Yes', then you are in luck. You can now buy the sheet music for Piano Works. Buy Piano Works Sheet Music

Updated 19/09/05 - Armstrong vs Air Conditioning

By all reports, Craig Armstrong's work for the opening of the Perth Concert Hall was over-shadowed by the Air Conditioning.
Find Out More

Updated 15/09/05 - The Dolls Release Date

You can get your hands on a copy of The Dolls' CD on 24th October.
The Dolls

Updated 14/09/05 - One-Minute Wonder

Interesting article regarding Craig Armstrong's long ambition to produce a classical composition based around 20 one minute pieces of music.
Read The Article

Updated 13/09/05 - Film Works 1995 - 2005

October 17th sees the release of Film Works 1995 - 2005. This is Craig Armstrong's follow up to Piano Works and sees him revisiting his back catalogue of film scores to compile a selection of music from Romeo + Juliet, The Quiet American, Moulin Rouge and more, can't wait!!!!!.
Visit the Film Works page.

Updated 10/09/05 - The Dolls

The Dolls is a band made up of Craig Armstrong, Vladislav Delay and Antye Greie (AGF). Read the Press Release for their self titled first CD.

Updated 09/09/05 - Welcome to the 'Craig Armstrong Online'

So, what do you think? (Contact Me)
I created this website as I thought there was a serious lack of one good source for information regarding the Craig Armstrong. It's still in its infancy and I welcome any suggestions or submissions.

Enjoy the site,

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