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Updated 23/12/06 - Competition Update

Many thanks to all of you who entered the Piano Works DVD competition. I'm very happy to announce that the winners are: Jane Clough, Graeme Forsyth and Graham Williams - Congratulations!!! If you still want to get your hands on a copy, head on over to Amazon.

Updated 22/12/06 - Memory Takes my hand CD

Craig's music for the Once Exhibition (Info / Review) is now available to buy from Glasgow Museums. To order your copy, telephone them on
0141 276 9576.

The piece was developed by Craig and German electronic artist AGF from Craig’s original concert work. The Exhibition Music features soprano Lucy Crowe and Craig Armstrong on piano.

Updated 09/12/06 - 'tis the season

As it is that time of year, i.e. to spend your hard earned cash on presents. I thought I would have a look on eBay to see what things were up for auction for that special someone in your life who likes Craig's music. A few things caught my eye:

Memory Takes My Hand
CD containing Craig's classical composition for this year's Once exhibition.

Piano Works Sheet Music
Get your hands on the sheet music to the Piano Works CD.

Plunkett & Macleane
Bid on this increasingly hard to find score, which Empire Magazine reckoned was one of the best of the 90's.

Piano Works The Film DVD
Up for auction is the recently released DVD featuring Craig performing pieces from his Piano Works album.

Happy bidding!!!

Updated 02/12/06 - It's Competition Time

To celebrate the release of Craig's new DVD Piano Works The Film, Sanctuary Visual Entertainment have very kindly offered 3 copies to give away exclusively to visitors of this website. Good Luck!!!


Updated 23/11/06 - Armstrong & Yoko Ono

Craig Armstrong to appear on Yoko Ono’s forthcoming album ‘Yes, I’m a Witch’. As a part of a collection of artists whom have heralded embraced and ultimately been inspired by the music of Yoko Ono, Craig Armstrong’s exquisite take on Yoko Ono’s ‘Shiranakatta (I Don’t Know)’, is to be included on the highly anticipated, “Yes, I Am a Witch”, due to be release in February 2007 by Astralwerks in the USA.

Each musician appearing on the homage to the godmother of punk was given Ono’s catalogue to listen to and upon hearing a cut were provided with Ono’s vocals to enhance and artistically curate to create their own distinctions.

Craig's track is featured on the amongst a massive plethora of creative genres. Other artists appearing on the compilation include the mighty
Cat Power, Peaches, Le Tigre and The Flaming Lips.

Updated 22/11/06 - Piano Works DVD

You can now pre-order Craig Armstrong's Piano Works The Film
from Amazon UK. It looks like you can't order the DVD from the US website, so for international orders, this might be the best place to buy it from.

Updated 18/11/06 - News articles

I've got a couple of news articles for you. The first is a feature on the press conference that Oliver Stone and Craig took part in talking about the World Trade Center film - Article 1. The second is an article which is about a new wave of film score composing which is increasingly more experiment and minimalistic - Article 2.

Updated 14/11/06 - Piano Works Film / Youtube

The Piano Works Film will be released on December 4th 2006, you can now pre-order it over on for £9.99 (Free P&P) - . I've put together a new page with all the film's details on. View the Piano Works Film page.

I've been meaning to put this page up for a while, so here it is. YouTube features lots of Craig Armstrong content. I've had a dig around and put together a selection of the best and most interesting.
Take a look

Updated 12/11/06 - New Music and News

The Music Recommendation page has just got a little bit bigger. I've added a new musician on there which I think you guys might like.

Here's an article about Catherine O'Halloran who features on the stunning track 'John Rescued/Resolution' from the WTC score. It talks about how she met Craig and got to work with him. Read the Belfast Telegraph article.

Updated 09/11/06 - Piano works dvd

It looks like the Piano Works DVD is going to be released in early December. Music from the Movies, has a review of the film, check it out. I'll let you know when I see it online for sale.

Updated 03/11/06 - WTC Keynote q&a

Craig Armstrong and Oliver Stone will be participating in a keynote question and answer session with regards to their work on the World Trade Center film. Find out more

Updated 23/10/06 - News Updates

I've got some interesting updates for you. The first is an interview with Craig on the eve of his concert at the Flanders Film Festival - read the interview - and the second is a review of the actual concert. By all accounts, it sounds like an amazing night and performance.

It looks like the wait is nearly over for all the people waiting to see the Piano Works DVD. Keep your fingers crossed, because it looks like the film maybe released in time for Christmas. I've been fortunate to see the Piano Works Film and I can let you know that the wait has been worth it. David Barnard's film is beautifully shot and accompanies Craig's music perfectly. I'll post more details as and when I receive them.

Updated 12/10/06 - Once Review

This week I headed on up to Glasgow to see the 'Once' exhibition. Read my short review and see some photos taken whilst I was up there.
Check it out

Updated 08/10/06 - Concert Tickets

If you're free Thursday 19th October and want to see Craig Armstrong in concert in Gent/Belgium. Then head on over to eBay to bid on the two tickets up for auction.

Updated 03/10/06 - Once exhibition Update

I have added two downloads to the Once page, first is the poster for the exhibition, the seconding being the leaflet. Just thought you guys might be interested. Check it out

Updated 17/09/06 - Press Releases

I've updated the website with some more press releases regarding Craig's work. You can find them via the Additions section. The Romeo + Juliet PR has some interesting insights into the creation of the Soundtrack.

Updated 16/09/06
Album Art & Music Recommendations

This week saw Apple launch the latest version of its iTunes software. iTunes 7 focuses quite heavily on using the album art function in the new Cover Flow view. While the new iTunes can automatically download some album covers, I just wanted to remind you guys that you can download a collection of Craig Armstrong album covers in the Additions section. I've included two generic new covers which can be used for promo CDs or singles.

I've also added a new album to the Music Recommendations section.

Updated 10/09/06 - news Updates

Craig is performing at this years Flanders Film Festival on October 19th. From more information visit the official website. More info can be
found here.

Many thanks to Vanessa, who brought my attention to this new in depth interview with Craig from 'Scotland on Sunday' newspaper. In it he talks more about his experience of being in New York when the attacks occurred on the World Trade Center, working with Oliver Stone and new forthcoming projects. Read Article

Updated 09/09/06 - One Year Old Today

Today is the first anniversary of the launch of this website. In that year, I've received many words of encouragement and assistance from visitors, I just want to say a big 'Thanks' to all those who have contacted me.

I'm currently working on ideas for new content and designs concepts for Version 3 of the website. As some of you may have seen, Craig's official site, currently has a link back to my website. I'm sure you can imagine, this is very flattering.

Updated 03/09/06 - Once

I've received more information on the collaborative exhibition between Craig and Dalziel+Scullion. The title is ‘Once’ and opens at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on October 7th 2006 and runs until February 25th 2007.
Find out more

Updated 20/08/06 - Music Recommendations

The Music Recommendation page has been update - take a look - feel free to contact me with any of your own recommendations.

Updated 15/08/06 - WTC score premiere

The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra will be premiering Craig Armstrong's music to World Trade Center on October 7th. The concert takes place at UCLA’s Royce Hall, commencing at 8pm. Go to for more information.

Updated 10/08/06 - WTC Review / itunes

I've added a review for Craig's score to World Trade Center from So far I haven't seen a bad word written about his score. Read the review.

For the US readers, iTunes has the score for sale, which includes an interview with Craig regarding his work on the film. Check it out.

Updated 08/08/06 - WTC score released

Just a reminder, that Craig's score to WTC has been released today. Head on over to Amazon UK or Amazon USA. I'll post a review later.

Updated 01/08/06 - WTC on

You can now pre-order the UK release of Craig's WTC score on for £12.99

Updated 30/07/06 - WTC First Listen

Sony Classical are releasing Craig's WTC Score in the UK on September 18th. You can read the full press release here.

WTC First Listen - 30 second track previews - Real Player Needed

Updated 23/07/06 - World Trade center Updates

It's not long now until the release of Oliver Stone's World Trade Center movie. I've updated the WTC page with the track listings and album art. I'll post a review as soon as I get my hands on a copy of the score.

The official website has been updated and features more samples of Craig's score.

Updated 08/07/06 -
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Tuesday the 11th of July sees the re-opening of Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. The 105 years old building has had a £30 million redevelopment and refit. One of the new areas within the building is a new space dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

The first of these exhibitions will feature the music of Craig Armstrong, combined with the photographic work of Dalziel and Scullion.

Their video work, accompanied by new music by Armstrong, will feature the images of 250 Glaswegians, which will spin around viewers in a multi-media display.

I'll update later on when I know more information regarding the dates for the exhibition.

Craig talks about his involvement with this project in an interview from last year with the Scottish Evening Times, check it out.

Updated 06/07/06 - Updates

Hello all, some updates for you. You can now preorder Craig's score to World Trade Center (released 8th August) on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. If you want to get your hands on a copy of the Love Actually score, there are two currently up for grabs on eBay, happy bidding - first one - second one.

Also for preorder is the CD by Globus called Epicon (Amazon UK) which I mentioned a few week ago, MySpace page.

Updated 24/06/06 - World trade center score

It looks like Craig's score to Oliver Stone's World Trade Center will be released by Sony Classical in the USA on August 11th 2006. As the film opens in the America first, I assume that the UK release will follow later on. I'll keep you posted.

Updated 12/06/06 - Armstrong remix

Craig has remixed one of Ryuichi Sakamoto tracks as part of a remix album of his work. The CD is called 'Bricolages' and the track that he's worked on is Track 10 - '20 Msec'. The album is out on July 4th. I'll post a review of it as soon as I get my hands on a copy.

Amazon UK

Updated 30/05/06 - Craig Armstrong Live!

Craig Armstrong will be performing at this year's Flanders Film Festival on Thursday October 19th, 8pm at the Flemish Opera House in Ghent. He will be showcasing some of his film work as well as playing for the first time, music from his score to Oliver Stone's 'World Trade Center'.

Music will be performed by Craig, a symphonic orchestra and a full choir. Finger's crossed that we get to see Craig play in the UK this year!!!
For more information visit -

New Music
Fans of Craig Armstrong's style of film music might be interested in a new CD coming out by a group called Globus. They are members of Immediate Music who provide stock music for film trailers. Their music can be heard on trailers for Spiderman 2, The Island and The Da Vinci Code. Their first CD called 'Epicon' will be released on July 24th in the UK. Check out their MySpace page for samples and more details of a forthcoming concert.

Updated 29/05/06 - World Trade Center Trailer

The first trailer for World Trade Center is now online featuring some of Craig Armstrong's new score. Armstrong's music can be heard at the beginning of the trailer. The music used later on, is from The Life of David Gale score : Track 7.
Download Trailer - World Trade Center Trailer

Updated 10/05/06 - Trailer music

I've had many people e-mail me trying to find out which piece of music by Craig Armstrong is featured in a particular movie trailer. To help you guys out I've put together a whole page on which trailers feature which tracks.
Movie Trailer Music

Updated 09/05/06 - WTC Score Update

The official site to Oliver Stone's film World Trade Center has been updated and is now featuring some samples of Craig Armstrong's music. On first listen, the score sounds really powerful and emotional. Click 'Skip Intro' to hear the majority of the new music.
World Trade Center Movie

Updated 29/04/06 - Ray Interview

I've just found this interview that conducted with Craig Armstrong around the time of the release of Ray and Piano Works.
Take a look

Updated 23/04/06 - New Design

I just want to say thanks to all the people who have contacted me with regards to the new design. The website has just been listed on the website gallery site, CSS Import, I feel really honored to have my site appear on here.

Updated 19/04/06 - Craig Armstrong Online V2

Welcome to the new version of Craig Armstrong Online. The old design had out grown its intended size and I thought it was time to create a new layout which would be easier to maintain and to keep up to date.

I've spent quite a bit of time going over the site's content and have given it a spring clean. There has been some moving around of pages, many of the pages you might be looking for are now in Additions.

One of the newest sections to the website is the Craig Armstrong Discography. As Armstrong is quite a prolific composer, it's been hard to track down all of his projects. However, I think what's on the new site is quite comprehensive. If you know of any work I've missed off then please contact me. Many thanks to mihau for his assistance with the Discography.

Moving websites around is never an easy job, so if you find any broken links or incorrect headers, etc, I would really appreciate you letting me know.

The site has been created to W3C web standards which might not mean a lot to some of you, but you might want to consider using standard compliant web browsers such as Firefox or Safari. I've tried my best to make everything work in Internet Explorer but not all pages will look as they should.

I hope you guys like the new site, please let me know what you think of it.

Updated 30/03/06 - I Want You

Massive Attack have just released their best of CD, Collected, featuring some of their greatest achievements. They have also released a limited addition version which features a bonus DVD on all of Massive Attack videos along with an extra audio CD which features demos and rare tracks.

One of those rare tracks is 'I Want You'. This is a cover of a Marvin Gaye song sung by Madonna, produced by Massive Attack. It was this track that Craig Armstrong provided the string arrangement to and lead onto Madonna hiring Armstrong to work on her Ray of Light album.

Updated 26/03/06 - Hotstuff

There is a chance Craig Armstrong isn't scoring Philip Noyce's Hotstuff anymore. IMDB now has composer Phillip Miller on scoring duties. I'll keep you posted.

Updated 19/03/06 - Another Craig Armstrong U2 Track

I just want to draw your attention to another U2 track featuring a Craig Armstrong string arrangement, Please (String Version) (iTunes Download). I missed it when I was putting the U2 page together.

On a slightly related note: Massive Attack have released a new single - Live With Me, and an album of 'Best Ofs' is out on the 27th March called Collected. The track Sly is on there which features an Armstrong string arrangement.

Updated 11/03/06 - Love Actually Scores & Hot Stuff

Two CDs of Craig Armstrong’s score to Love Actually have appeared on eBay recently. Both selling for over £100. Whilst I’m on the topic of eBay, friend to the website - Mihau has up for sale a promo release of The Space Between Us. Check it Out

I recently read a review from somebody who had been to see a preview screening of Hot Stuff. Apparently he thought that the film was great and that the score was really good. Now sometimes at these preview showings the score isn’t complete and the producers use a temp track. So I’m not sure if it was Armstrong’s work. If it was, then it’s something to look forward to.

Updated 04/03/06 - Mr. Beast ft Craig Armstrong

Mr Beast is the fifth album from the Scottish band Mogwai. Track 9 on the album 'I Chose Horses' features a keyboard contribution from Craig Armstrong and vocals from Tetsuya Fukagawa (Envy). Its a gorgeous track, with a haunting quality, which will stay with you for a while after listening to it.

Updated 26/02/06 - Love Actually Score CD

It is that time again, when a rare Love Actually score only CD is on eBay again! Last time it went for an incredible £130. The bidding is in Dollars, however, the CD is located in London, from the looks of things. Good luck to anybody bidding.
Take a Look

Updated 18/02/06 - The Adverts

I've decided to added a new section to the website. For your viewing pleasure I've add a section on the advertising work that Craig Armstrong been involved in. Armstrong has worked on the Guinness advert called 'Mustang' and the Chanel No 5 advert directed by Baz Lurhmann.
Take a Look

Updated 11/02/06 - World Trade Center

Craig Armstrong will be scoring the music to Oliver Stone's upcoming film about the 9-11 terrorist attacks, World Trade Center. This will be Hollywood's first main film about the attacks and is bound to cause quite a lot of attention. The film which stars Nicolas Cage will be released this summer by Paramount Pictures.

World Trade Center marks the first time Craig has worked with the Oscar winning director. According to some news sources, Armstrong has been the personal choice of Oliver Stone who is a great admirer of the composer's work

I've added two new sections to the site regarding new Armstrong film Projects.

Firstly Hot Stuff which is a new film directed by Philip Noyce (The Bone Collector & The Quiet American) and also World Trade Center.

Updated 09/02/06 - and the winner is......

Last night was the 48th Grammy Awards, and Craig Armstrong was nominated for his score for Ray. I'm very happy to tell you that he WON!!!!! Armstrong was up against Howard Shore, Michael Giacchino, Clint Eastwood and John Williams. The soundtrack for Ray which featured lots of Ray Charles' songs also won an award. Find Out More

Updated 06/02/06 - 48th Grammy Awards

Wednesday night (8th Feb) sees the 48th Grammy Awards. Craig Armstrong is nominated for his score for Ray in the 'Best Score / Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture' category. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Find Out More

Updated 06/02/06 - Official Site Update

Armstrong's official website has had a bit of an update in the last few days. Check it out

Updated 31/01/06 - Film Works Released in the US

Film Works 1995 - 2005 is released in America. You can buy the CD from

Updated 25/01/06 - Nightlife

While things have gone a bit quiet on the Craig Armstrong news front, I thought it would be a good time to add another album to the Collaboration section. The latest addition is the Pet Shop Boys album Nightlife.

Updated 14/01/06 - Forthcoming Film Scores

According to imdb, who have updated their Armstrong section, Craig will be providing scoring duties to the new Baz Luhrmann film and Philip Noyce's forthcoming movie Hot Stuff. This is clarification to my news update on 10/12/05.

Updated 12/01/06 - Love Actually - Auction Ended

Well the auction for the Promo Score CD (8 Tracks and 21 minutes duration) for Love Actually has ended and the winning bid was an incredible, £129.

I think there is no clearer sign that there is a demand for a proper commercial release of this score. Currently the UK addition of the Love Actually Soundtrack featured the most tracks by Craig Armstrong, Glasgow Love theme, PM's Love theme and Portuguese Love theme.

For all the people who missed out on this occasion to get a copy of the score, I’ll try to let you guys know when another one appears. Start saving!!!

Updated 03/01/06 - News and Love Actually CD

The Music Box

Craig Armstrong is one of the backers of a new 'state of the art' music centre in Edinburgh. The £3.65 million building will house a 120-seat main auditorium, a recording suite, several rehearsal and tutorial rooms, individual practice booths, a dance studio and a cafe-bar.
Find Out More

Love Actually Score

I have received many enquiries in recent months regarding the unreleased score to the romantic comedy Love Actually. For all those people wanting a copy of the score you now have a chance of getting hold of a copy off eBay. Up for auction is the Promo CD featuring just Armstrong's music from the film.
Happy Bidding

Updated 01/01/06 - Website Updates

To kick start this New Year, I've added some more sections to the website.

Firstly, all the news from 2005 is now archived here.

Secondly, I've added two new sections to the Collaborations, now online are pages on Craig Armstrong's work with Madonna and U2.

Thirdly, one of Craig Armstrong's first scoring jobs was on trilogy of short films directed by Peter Mullans. I've now added a section about this project to the website. Close, Fridge & A Good Day for the Bad Guys

2006 should be a great year for fans of Craig's music, we should see a release of Classical Work, more film scores, one possibly for a Baz Luhrmann film and fingers crossed, some touring as well. Be sure to check back often for all the latest news.

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