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Updated 19/11/07 Craig Armstrong Awarded BAFTA

Craig Armstrong has been awarded a BAFTA for 'Outstanding International Contribution'.

BAFTA Scotland exists to promote and reward excellence in Scotland's screen industry and the award recognises Craig's achievements through his acclaimed film score work.

For more information, visit the official BAFTA Scotland website.

Updated 05/11/07 Elizabeth: the golden age update

Craig's and A.R Rahman film score to The Golden Age has now been released in the UK. Order Online at Amazon UK

Updated 28/10/07 Love Actually Score

One of the rare OSCAR promo CDs for the score to Love Actually is currently up for auction on eBay. Happy bidding!

Updated 28/10/07
Another Music Recommendation

I've added another score recommendation to the
Music Recommendations section.

Updated 23/10/07 FilmTales

In the news post of 02/10/10 I mentioned the musician Paul Leonard-Morgan, a collaborator of Craig Armstrong's, who was releasing his first album. I was fortunate to be sent an early copy and I'm pleased to tell you it's great and I highly recommend you check it out. You can read my review here - Filmtales.

Updated 08/10/07 Music Recommendations - Updates

Whilst you're waiting for Craig's score to The Golden Age and the release of Winona you might want to check out these Music Recommendations in the Additions section.

Updated 03/10/07 Winona EP - more details

The review below is taken from GigWise.

"It's at this point of the evening that taking that extra pill thirty minutes ago suddenly becomes a bad idea. Razor-sharp and delivered with pinpoint precision, 'Without You' will do one of two things; either leave you feeling 100% invincible or rip you apart from the inside out, brain first.

A hectic mish-mash of orphaned hypnotic beats is enough to see Scottish composer Craig Armstrong and the other half of Winona, Scott Fraser, sectioned under the mental health act, but redemption comes through the spoken word of French actress Laurence Ashley and melting vocals of Lucy Pullin. All or nothing, 'Without You' will fuck with your head and is probably best listened to in wide open spaces or a padded cell."

Buy the 12" Winona EP
Digital Download
iTunes UK.

Updated 02/10/07 Winona EP / Paul Leonard-Morgan

You can download the Without You Remix EP from iTunes UK. It comes with the additional tracks The White Room (one of the highlights of the album) and Apricot. Download Now.

Paul Leonard-Morgan
I recently read this article regarding Paul Leonard-Morgan, he' a Glasgow based composer with a similar music style to Craig Armstrong. Working on film and TV scores as well as arranging music for bands, he's recently won the commission to composer the anthem for the US Olympic team. Paul's got an album coming out this month called Filmtales and there are some very promising sample tracks on his MySpace page.
Paul's Official Website
Filmtales Official Website

Updated 01/10/07 Opera News, Elizabeth: the golden age update

The Elizabeth section has been updated with the tracklistings for the CD release of Craig's score (view page).

Amazon also has samples for each track on there websites. You can listen and order online at Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

Updated 20/09/07 Opera News

Five:15 - Opera Made in Scotland
Five specially commissioned fifteen-minute operas written by some of today’s leading authors and composers.

Performance dates have been announced:
ranMr, Glasgow
29 February and 1 & 2 March 2008

The Hub, Edinburgh
*8 & 9 March 2008 (*2 performances)

Download the Press Release (PDF 64kb)

Updated 13/09/07 News Updates

For the Record: Craig Armstrong
Some news updates for you. A CD has just been released of a new recording of some of Craig Armstrong's film music. Last year Craig performed at the Flanders International Film Festival (View Photos), the same performers from that concert are featured on the CD.

I'll post more information about the recording, once I've had a listen to it. Visit the Ghent Film Festival Shop to purchase the CD. Profits from the sale of the album are going to UNICEF.

European Film Music Concert
A concert celebrating the best of European film music is being staged in Berlin in November. Craig will be introducing music from his back catalogue at the event.

The event takes place at Berlin’s Admiralspalast theatre on Friday November 30th. You can purchase tickets via this ticket website.

Winona Track
A track from the forthcoming Winona release is to appear on a new CD being released by the book publishers and book store chain 'Barnes & Noble' The CD series is called 'Sunday Music' and the track 'The White Room' will feature on one of the CDs.

This Love - Alternate Version
One of Craig's most popular tracks is 'This Love'. Jerry Burns - the
co-writer of the song - has a slightly different version on her MySpace page which is worth checking out.

Updated 11/09/07 Winona Remix - Buy Online

If you're wanting to get your hands on a copy of the Winona limited addition release, then head on over to Phonica Records. Where you can buy the 12" which come with two B-Side tracks taken off the forthcoming CD.

Updated 10/09/07 Elizabeth The Golden Age Score

The website for the forthcoming film Elizabeth: The Golden Age has been updated. It's featuring some music which I'm assuming is Craig's and Rahman's score. I've linked to the audio files on the The Golden Age page. You can view the official movie website here.

You can now pre-order the score on Amazon USA. It's released on the 9th October in America. I'll post links to UK stores when the CD is give a release date. As the film is out here in the UK in November, then I would expect the score around then.

> View the trailer online
The music used in the trailer has been taken from Steve Jablonsky's score to 'The Island'. The track is entitled 'My Name Is Lincoln'.

Updated 01/09/07 - Winona Concert Footage

Winona recently played the Rock en Seine festival in Paris. There are some videos up online, the quality is not the best, but it provides an idea of what the concert was like.

I've also added a link to a select of photos taken at the concert as well.

YouTube Videos
1. Without You
2. If Only
3. Alpine Tunnel
4. The White Room

Concert Photos
Photo Set 1
Photo Set 2

Updated 18/08/07 - Winona Remix Listen

You can listen to the remix of the Winona Track 'Without You' by
The Dead Soul Brothers over on the official MySpace page.

Updated 12/08/07 - Winona Remix Release

The Dead Soul Brothers' remix of the Winona track 'Without You', will be made available on 12" vinyl at the end of August. The release, which had it's first airing on Radio One this month, will also feature the B-Side tracks 'The White Room' and 'Apricot'.
Winona MySpace

I'll post more news / dates as I receive it.

Updated 04/08/07 - Winona Footage

Sunday 29th July saw the first of this years' Winona concerts. Footage is now online of the event as well as an interview with Craig Armstrong, Scott Fraser and Lucy Pullin discussing the project.

Uploaded by NuitsdeFourviere

Watch the Video
MySpace / Sample Tracks

Updated 26/07/07 - Winona MySpace

Updated 20/07/07 - Winona Listen & Opera News

You can hear a preview of Craig's new electronic project 'Winona' on his MySpace page - the track is called Apline Tunnel - Check it out

Forthcoming Live Dates for Winona can be found here.

Opera - 5:15
What happens if an opera company puts crime author Ian Rankin and Craig Armstrong in a room together with a blank piece of paper? The result is Five: 15

Five:15 is five new fifteen-minute chamber operas produced through collaborations between some of the leading lights working in Scotland’s vibrant creative industry.
Find out more

Updated 19/06/07 - The Golden Age

The Film Work section of this website has been updated to now include information on Craig's forthcoming score to Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Updated 18/06/07 - Live Dates 2007

Craig is performing this year at a number of summer festivals.
Check out the new Live Dates page to see if he's playing near you.
Live Dates 2007

Updated 10/06/07 - Audi r8 Advert

Craig Armstrong and Scott Fraser have composed a brand new track for the newest model of Audi car, the R8. The full advert is approximately 10 minutes in length. You can watch a shortened version over at YouTube.

Updated 11/05/07 - BBC Radio Interview

You can hear Craig on BBC Radio Scotlands 'Classics Unwrapped' programme this Sunday. The show starts at 15:05. Listen live here.

Updated 02/05/07 - BBC Radio Interview

Craig will be featured on a forthcoming edition of BBC Radio Scotland's 'Classics Unwrapped' series - to be broadcasted on Sunday 13th May. You'll be able to listen via their website.

Updated 29/04/07 - Elizabeth Trailer and Film Festival Photos

The first trailer for 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' has been released online. You can view it here (QuickTime 14.6mb). The music used in the trailer has been taken from Steve Jablonsky's score to 'The Island'. The track is entitled 'My Name Is Lincoln'.

Last year Craig performed at the Flanders International Film Festival, I've just found some photos online taken at the event - Have a look. For those of you in Ireland, don't forget, you can catch Craig at this year's Electric Picnic. Check out the official website for further details.

Updated 18/04/07 - Opera

Craig will be working with author Ian Rankin to write the music for a 20 minute opera which has been commissioned by the Scottish Opera. More information will be announced soon.

Updated 29/03/07 - The Golden Age

Craig is working with composer A.R Rahman on the score to The Golden Age. I've found this piece of info online, which talks about what's happening.


Maverick AR Rahman and Scottish composer Craig Armstrong are working on the film’s score at the latter’s studio in Glasgow. The teaming of the two composers is expected to show fascinating results considering their different backgrounds, thinks the director, a speaker at FICCI-Frame 2007. Kapoor recently mentioned in his blog that he has been encouraging Armstrong to lead, since the film is a pre-dominantly western production. “But I am looking to Rahman to inject some bold, out-there melodies and sounds into the score,” he says.


Updated 23/03/07 - Film Score News / Interview

Craig Armstrong is working with director Shekhar Kapur on his new film The Golden Age. The film is a continuation of the film Elizabeth which stared Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I. This second chapter in the story takes in the later years of Elizabeth's reign and her relationship with explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. The Golden Age is currently scheduled for release in October 2007. I'll post more news as and when I receive it.

I've found an interview with Craig conducted by The interview took place at the time of the release of the Piano Works DVD.
Check it out

Updated 19/02/07 - Once & Yoko Ono

The Once exhibition ends on the 25th February. If you haven't been to see it yet, then I suggest you go and see it before it closes. Whilst you're there you can pick up a copy of Craig's music on CD. Alternatively you can order a copy by telephoning Kelvingrove shop on 0141 276 9576.

I'm a Witch - a collection of remixed Yoko Ono tracks is released today. Craig's track 'Shiranakatta (I Didn't Know)' features Yoko's vocals on a new orchestral composition. The track is now available on iTunes.

Updated 18/02/07 - New Music Recommendation

Check out the Recommendations page for a new film score which I think you guys might like. Check it out

Updated 13/02/07 - Updates

First off, apologies for the lack of updates. I've been experiencing some Apple issues and I've been out of contact with the Internet world. There are a couple of news updates for you.

Craig has appeared on a DVD audio commentary track for a new release of Romeo + Juliet - The Music Edition. Read more.
Buy it at Amazon USAalt.

The remix album of Yoko Ono's work is released on February 19th. It features a track re-worked by Craig. I'll post more news on it once I've heard it. You can read more about it in last year's news section - take a look.

Updated 09/01/07 - New Interview

I've got a new interview for you with Craig Armstrong talking to Aint It Cool. It's an interesting interview which goes quite in depth to his scoring process, enjoy in. Check it out

Updated 01/01/07 - Update & News

Happy New Year!!!

I've done a bit of house keeping and I've moved all of last years news and updates to their own archived section - view 2006 news.

In case you've not already seen it, there is a MySpace page for Craig Armstrong. It's run by his management company i.e. Music and it is currently been used to promote the Piano Works DVD release. Check it out.


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