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update 24/11/10 -

After years of seeing the same holding page, the new has finally gone live. The new website is absolutely gorgeous and full of loads of great content.

> Check it out

For those of you on Twitter you can now follow Craig Armstrong.

update 04/11/10 - concert for care Performance

Here's a video I just found on YouTube of Craig Armstrong's performance at the Concert for Care at the Royal Albert Hall. Music from the films Love Actually and World Trade Center is performed.

The audio quality is pretty good. Enjoy!

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update 04/08/10 - concert for care

Craig Armstrong will be performing at the charity gala event 'Concert for Care' Join film composer, producer and songwriter David Arnold and friends for a spectacular gala charity concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 18th October 2010 in aid of CARE International.

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update 22/07/10 - Wall St: Money Never Sleeps

The tracklistings for the forthcoming score to Oliver Stone sequel
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
have been released. Read More

update 15/05/10 - Wall St: Money Never Sleeps

Craig Armstrong is providing the original score for the Oliver Stone sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. This is the second time that Armstrong has worked with Stone. They previously worked together on the score for World Trade Center.

The film is out later this year and I'll post updates regarding the score as I receive them.

update 20/03/10 - BBC Interview w/ Craig Armstrong

Currently on the BBC iPlayer is a 45 min interview with Craig Armstrong talking about his music career and film scoring projects. Catch it before it is taken offline in a few days time.

BBC Radio Scotland - The Movie Café

update 21/02/10 - Love Actually Promo Score

Currently up for auction on eBay is a 'For your consideration' promo CD for Craig's music to Love Actually. The score has never received a full commercial release - so for fans wanting to get their hands on a legitimate version of the music - this is the best way.

Happy bidding

If you're unsuccessful you can always purchase the film's soundtrack which does feature 3 tracks from Craig's amazing score.
Buy Love Actually

update 04/02/10 - Clash of the titans update

Craig Armstrong is no longer working on providing an original score for Clash of the Titians. Ramin Djawad along with Neil Davidge are now on scoring duties.

update 13/01/10 - New Hi-fi Music Player

For your listening pleasure I've upgraded the site's media player for a new version. It's now easier to use and the sound quality is greatly improved. I'll continue to updated it over the next few weeks with some new content.

Check out the rare Craig Armstrong track 'Love Song' currently featured in the new Hi-Fi Music Player.

Please let me know if you experience any problems with the player. Also, let me know which tracks you'd like to see featured in the music player via the contact page.

update 09/01/10
Craig Armstrong & Massive Attack working on
Clash of the Titans score

It was rumoured that Matt Bellamy from the band Muse was going to be working on the Clash of the Titians score. Due to scheduling conflicts this is no longer going to happen.

Instead, director Louis Leterrier has brought onboard Massive Attack member Neil Davidge to provide additional music for the forthcoming film.

You can read more the full story over at the MTV Movie Blog or read the section below taken from the site.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for questions about Muse, the soundtrack, who's doing it and all of that, Leterrier was more than happy to tell the story.

"It was not Muse ever, it was Matt Bellamy [who I spoke to about providing music]. I love Muse, I'm the biggest Muse fan ever, but I wanted something a little different," Leterrier explained. "[Matt] wrote a lot of stuff, but he started his tour. So not so long ago, he called me and he was like 'Louis, I'm so sorry. I have to be respectful to my audience and professional and I have to stop on 'Clash.'"

Even if Bellamy had participated, the task of scoring the movie was never going to be his alone. "It was too big of a score," Leterrier explained. "Craig Armstrong, who did my ['Incredible Hulk'] score-- Craig, he was going to write the score and Matt Bellamy was going to come in and do... maybe 30 minutes of music."

Now, new plans are in place. "Craig Armstrong is still doing the score and I called my friend Neil Davidge from Massive Attack to replace Matt for the areas that Matt was doing. So it'll be Craig Armstrong and Massive Attack, which is pretty exciting."


update 01/01/10 - Craig Armstrong OBE

Craig Armstrong has been made an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his services to music in the Queen's New Year's Honours List.

You can read more here.

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