as if to nothing

craig armstrong as if to nothing

As If To Nothing is one of those albums that stands the test of time. It offers a variety of genres, with a mixture of orchestrations, instruments and vocal talent. Craig Armstrong followed the Massive Attack route of having featured artists and singer on his tracks.

This varied mixture of sounds provides the listener with something new to hear every time.

As well as the classic Armstrong instrumental tracks, the CD features collaborations with Bono, Evan Dando, Photek, Mogwai, AGF and Steven Lindsay.

The album features some of Armstrong's best work, 'Ruthless Gravity' is an epic track which just seems to get better the more time you listen to it. 'Finding Beauty' is another really great track and 'Inhaler' demands to be played at high volume.

Track Listings

  1. Ruthless Gravity
  2. Wake up in New York (featuring Evan Dando)
  3. Miracle (featuring Mogwai)
  4. Amber
  5. Finding Beauty
  6. Waltz - (featuring Antye Greie-Fuchs)
  7. Inhaler
  8. Hymn 2 (featuring Photek)
  9. Snow - (featuring David McAlmont)
  10. Starless II
  11. Stay (featuring Bono)
  12. Niente
  13. Sea Song - (featuring Wendy Stubbs)
  14. Let it Be- (featuring Steve Lindsay)
  15. Choral Ending